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Most of my adult life I have been an accountant in the Oil and Gas industry, but a few years ago I found a passion and apparent talent for wood-working.  It mostly began after the passing of my

dad at age 56 from lung cancer.  He worked his whole life as a plumber and used to tell me as a child to “use your head for a living, and not your back”.  He stressed this to me and I took it to heart.  I graduated from UNO in 2001 and went back to get an MBA from Tulane, graduating in 2006.  I have worked in finance ever since.

After my dad passed in 2012, I began a project I had been contemplating for some time.  I wanted to build a bar area in my backyard.  One of my dad’s many talents was woodworking.  I thought it would be a growing experience for me to try my hand at this challenging project.  I spent about 320 over the course of 6 months in late 2012-early 2013 working on the project.  In the hours of sanding, cutting, chiseling, staining and varnishing, I found a much needed solace and peace in my heart.  I felt close to my father in those hours and often “talked” to him during the process - I always knew what he was telling me in reply.  Unexpectedly, I discovered that I had some degree of talent at the technical skills, but I was very surprised at how well my visions came out from a creative perspective.  

After the completion of the bar, I began rebuilding my dad’s camp/home in Myrtle Grove that was destroyed by Hurricane Isaac.  It had 4’ of water in it and we had to gut the entire interior.  I had to wait until May of 2013 to begin to rebuild because we had it raised, and I had to wait until the raising process was completed.  I finished the complete remodel in December 2013 and again the results surprised my family, friends, and myself.

After the camp was completed, I turned my attention to a project I had vaguely conceived of while building the bar.  The idea essentially involved building a “man-space” that was portable so that it could serve multiple purposes.  You could use it at home as a man-cave, at Saints or LSU games for a tailgate centerpiece, as a portable camp, etc.  I thought I could build the first one and see if there was enough of a market out there that I could possibly leave the corporate world and do something that I truly love.  I wanted to do something with my life that I could really be proud of, something that other people could enjoy and appreciate.

The first trailer was completed in January 2015 and the results were more than I expected.  Despite how well it came out though,I still see all my small mistakes and strive to be better.  It is something I love doing and I put my heart into each piece.  I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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